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flippin' chairs, a memoir


flippin’ chairs is the story of a stark raving Type A, lust-addicted furniture salesperson making her way through the challenges of life - the ending of relationships, the journey through health issues, the acceptance of being a child-less woman and the quest for meaning in her life.

flippin’ chairs explores one woman’s ability to be honest and her willingness to change her path. It’s also a snapshot of one person’s biggest “F It” and the magic that reveals itself.


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“Even if you know someone with cancer until you hear individual stories and day-to-day events and heavy thoughts it is hard to understand what the diagnosed person is dealing with. I feel I "get it" more now than I thought I did at the time befriending people with cancer. Bethany's story is a perfect read for those fighting cancer and those who are also affected by cancer as the on-lookers just trying to help. She is witty and detailed throughout (oh the CHAIRS), it made it hard to accept when I was finished reading.”

— Amazon Review

Next Up...The Moth

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A dream of mine is to add my story to the collection of amazing thoughts found on The Moth on NPR. I believe in power of authentic voices being open and vulnerable so that people can feel and grow together.

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I'm working on a sample of not only what I have to say but how I connect people. Check back soon.

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